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Welcome to Global Used Lasers. While you are at our website you will see a wide variety of Used Aesthetic Lasers, services and information on today's latest cosmetic laser equipment. We have several years of expertise and use our established marketing resources to find the best used aesthetic lasers available on the market and bring the savings directly to you.

Global Used Lasers does not store equipment in large warehouses, we don't buy in bulk and we're not obligated to any one source for medical or aesthetic laser equipment. This gives Global Used Lasers an advantage of lower overhead and reduced overall cost allowing Global Used Lasers to offer you the biggest selection of used cosmetic laser equipment. These key factors allow Global Used Lasers to pick the best of the best used cosmetic lasers that will fit your needs.

We also offer service and repair resources for your aesthetic laser equipment. Some of the repairs can be done in house, while others will require your part to be sent out. Need a handpiece refurbished, we have the resources to help. Or how about a entire machine overhauled, we have resources and in house technicians for that as well.

Global Used Lasers also provides training and group instruction on how to use your aesthetic laser. We have our own technicians as well as 3rd party cosmetic laser trainers.

Of course once you purchase your Used Aesthetic Laser, you need to market it. Global Lasers has the largest resource for marketing your Spa or Laser Business with your choice of online or through print media. We have programs that range from standard pay per click, geo targeting internet marketing, print ads, flyers, banners as well as television and radio media buys.

Even if you are just shopping around and have several questions, feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to help and direct you to the appropriate Aesthetic Laser to fit your needs.

Thank you,
Global Used Lasers


Power Requirements

Aesthetic Laser Power Supply 

Do you have a different power output?


All of our Aesthetic Laser machines come with a Voltage Power Converter specific to your country if needed.

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