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Powering Your Aesthetic Laser


Every country has a different power grid. Every country operates on different voltage, watts, amps, hertz, and plug configuration. Most Aesthetic Laser Equipment uses a standard 120v /60 Hz, but it is likely that your country does not.

We have you covered. Global Used Lasers provides a NEW Power/Voltage Converter that will plug directly into any electrical outlet, FREE of charge. We provide the converters, the plugs and the step-down / step-up voltage converter.



Every one of your power needs will be met with your country's specific plugs and adapters.  This will ensure a proper fit, which will conform to any and all electrical requirements.







* You will only receive a FREE Power Voltage Converter if your country or power needs require it.

Power Requirements

Aesthetic Laser Power Supply 

Do you have a different power output?


All of our Aesthetic Laser machines come with a Voltage Power Converter specific to your country if needed.

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