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Lumenis Lightsheer XC

2001 Lumenis Lightsheer XC


12x12mm Handpiece w/ Chill Tip,

  • Pairs of Goggles
  • Key
  • Shot Count Reads as: 6,212,015
  • 1.66 Headroom
  • New HP installed in 2012

LightSheer XC

Laser Type: AIGaAS Diode Arrays

Wavelength: 800nm

Repetition Rate: Up to 2hz

Spot Size 12mm (square)

Fluence: 10-100 j/cm2

Pulse Width: 5-400ms OptiPulse

Peak Power: 2900W

Global Lasers

Weight: 0 lb
Dimensions: 0 in × 0 in × 0 in
List Price: $45,000.00

Power Requirements

Aesthetic Laser Power Supply 

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