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Cutera XEO

Cutera Xeo For Sale

Cutera xeo laser 2007

  • pearl
  • limelight
  • titan xl
  • prowave 770
  • nd:yag with genesis!
  • manuals, goggles, applicator carrying cases included.


Used Cutera Xeo IPL intense pulsed light and aesthetic laser system. In today's fast-paced aesthetic practices, maximum flexibility and upgradeability is paramount. Whatever your need, the Xeo can provide the most versatile IPL and Laser technologies on the market today. Whether you are interested in skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, hair removal, vascular therapies - or all the above - the Xeo can accommodate your specific needs through our upgradeable platform.
Our prices are wholesale only and sold as-is. This offers the lowest possible prices as a base and meets the needs of our clients. Service contracts, shipping and training are offered A la Carte and may vary depending on model of equipment.

Item guaranteed to work upon delivery in USA.
7 day warranty included however being sold as is.
Service available through 3rd party supplier or Cutera.

Service on Cutera is limited. Cutera dealers outside of USA are not obligated to service equipment not purchased through them. Please keep this in mind if you want to purchase Cutera. We can fly service technician to you but this is on a per case basis with average service call $10k plus parts depending on where they are going.
Due to unknown shipping conditions, customs, and corruption in various countries the Cutera device will be videotaped working before it is packed and shipped. Your only protection is insurance which will be charged extra.

Payment and Quotes
All payments are by bank wire or cashiers check made to Global Lasers. Payment instructions will be provided upon final quote. We require purchaser's name, address, contact information to prepare a final quote. To get a quote then please email to or Call 800-253-0504


Weight: 80 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 24 in × 36 in
List Price: $85,000.00

Power Requirements

Aesthetic Laser Power Supply 

Do you have a different power output?


All of our Aesthetic Laser machines come with a Voltage Power Converter specific to your country if needed.

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