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Non-Invasive Lipo

Non-Invasive Lipo is the newest and safest way for circumferential reduction when compared to liposuction. Many new products are on the market such as Chromogenex ILipo, YoloMedical's Lapex, Cynosure's Smoothshapes and Erchonia Zerona. These are relatively safe procedures using class 3b  LLLT 630-680nm cold laser technology. These wavelengths stimulate biomodulation in the adipose. This process stimulates the adipose cell to release its contents into the interstitial space. The resulting free fatty acids and glycerol drain into the lymphatic system and  is processed by the body after cardiovascular excersise. The result being girth reduction in centimeters per treatment where the client wants the fat removed instead of where the body wants to put it.

In the USA these devices were originally  FDA cleared for pain relief or temporary cellulite reduction but are now approved for either circumfrential reduction or cellulite treatment like Ilipo ultra. SmoothShapes is also cleared for cellulite treatement. The hurdle from pain relief to body contouring laser was broken by Zerona who received their FDA clearance for circumferential reduction in late August, 2010. The procedure competes with liposuction or laser assisted liposuction so far as girth reduction is concerned but may take weeks to achieve the same results as part of an overall program which can be taylored to the patients needs. For Physicians performing liposuction the devices can be used before or after liposuction to help liquify fat or for pain and to reduce lumpiness post treatment. This procedure causes temporary fat reduction but could be as permanent as if you excersised it off and the patient must maintain diet and exercise of some degree as they would if they had liposuction to maintain the result.

The best part of this procedure is that Chiropractors trained on class 3B lasers can use this procedure in most states which opens up a whole new cash procedure to shore up business cash flow. Many pratices could and do pay for the devices within months instead of years due to the popularity and saftey of the procedure. Good counseling of the patient is required. There are some procedure time advantages to four paddle 20 minute treatment time systems like iLipo or the Lapex BCS in the USA over the previous Lapex BCS 2 paddle USA systems which has a 40 minute treatment time.  Each model is equipped with 2 lymphatic stimulators which Zerona or SmoothShapes do not have.  Lymphatic stimulation is an important part of the procedure to help drainage.  Also, both ilipo Ultra and Smoothshapes have vacuum assist to help with lymphatic drainage, skin tightening and cellulite treatments.  Financing and Marketing packages are avialable to help get you going for a little more. The average patient fee is $150 to $300 per treatment or $2700 for a patient package with an average of 8-9 treatments needed.  Please check out the devices below or call Global Lasers if you have any questions.