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Palomar Starlux 500

2010 Used Palomar Starlux 500 BASE UNIT ONLY no handpieces included. Handpieces can be obtained for extra.
System for IPL, Intense Pulsed Light and Aesthetic Laser Treatments
This current systems Includes:
Shots: 563,000
7.2 software
e Starlux 500 is a workhorse for any aesthetic laser practice. With variable hand pieces this unit can perform multiple types of procedures to perform a variety of laser treatments.
Manufacture Description:

The StarLux 500 is clinically-proven to produce results as good as or better than single-procedure "gold standard" lasers - with the highest power available and a 70% higher repetition rate than earlier systems.

With the StarLux 500 platform, you can attach a variety of application-specific handpieces to one compact base unit, allowing you to affordably expand your treatment repertoire as your practice grows.
The high-powered StarLux 500 provides the most effective aesthetic treatments available, with Palomar's many patented innovations:
We build to order, choose which hand pieces to provide treatments for :
  • Acne
  • Pigmented lesion treatment
  • Vascular lesion
  • Photofacial for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions
  • Permanent Hair Reduction 
Advanced hand pieces can accomplish
  • Hair removal on skin types V, VI
  • Leg Vein Clearance
  • Fractional Skin Tightening through soft tissue coagulation
  • Fractional Non-Ablative skin resurfacing
  • Ablative skin resurfacing
  • Scar revision
  • Superficial skin lesions
 For more informaiton call Global Used Lasers.
Choose all or just one handpiece, build to order systems, Choose from:
Technical Specifications: 
Wavelength 1540 nm
Medium Er:Glass          
Class IV
Spot Size 10 mm and 15 mm
Max. Fluence 70 mJ/microbeam
Lux R Large Spot, Permanent Hair Reduction
Technical Specifications:
Wavelength 650 – 1200 nm
Spot Size 46 x 16 mm
Max. Fluence 45 J/cm2
Lux Y Hair Removal, pigmented Lesion
Technical Specifications:
Wavelength 525 - 1200 nm
Spot Size 46 x 16 mm
Max. Fluence 48 J/cm2
Lux G Vascular Lesion Treatment, Pigmented Lesion, Photofacial
Technical Specifications:
Wavelength 500 – 670 & 870 – 1200 nm
Spot Size 15 x 10 mm
Max. Fluence 70 J/cm2

Our prices are wholesale only and sold as-is. This offers the lowest possible prices as a base and meets the needs of our clients.  Service contracts, shipping and training are offered A la Carte and may vary depending on model of equipment.
Item guaranteed to work upon delivery in USA.
Sold as-is due to Palomar not wanting to provide parts for service techs.
Service options A la carte:
·         Palomar recertification program requires $25k for inspection and repairs not including parts then service contracts are $10k or more. This is required for repairing proprietary parts such as computer boards.
·         IPL's handpieces can be refurbished when needed via 3rd party.
·         Limited 3rd party service is available on a per call basis.
Shipping and instillation
7-10 business days, Global provides door to door shipping and instillation in the USA.
Training available through:
·         Clinical trainer $3000
·         Laser College $6000
·         M. D. one on one trainer $12,000 per day
Service on Palomar is limited. Palomar dealers outside of USA are not obligated to service equipment not purchased through them. Please keep this in mind if you want to purchase Palomar. No service is available unless through Palomar.
Due to unknown shipping conditions, customs, and corruption in various countries the Palomar device will be videotaped working before it is packed and shipped. Your only protection is insurance which will be charged extra.
Payment and Quotes
All payments are by bank wire or cashiers check made to Global Lasers. Payment instructions will be provided upon final quote. We require purchaser's name, address, contact information to prepare a final quote. To get a quote then please email to or Call 800-253-0504
Weight: 150 lb
Dimensions: 28 in × 28 in × 36 in
List Price: $80,000.00

Power Requirements

Aesthetic Laser Power Supply 

Do you have a different power output?


All of our Aesthetic Laser machines come with a Voltage Power Converter specific to your country if needed.

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